Business Process Optimization

Business process optimization is a strategy enabling companies to increase their effectiveness through the optimization of their internal processes. It is based on the fact that streamlined processes are the key to reach commercial goals.

BPO is acting on several layers of an activity and is enabling to streamline internal procedures, abolish repetitions, anticipate change and improve interpersonal communication.

A proper business culture is the solid ground on which to grow the success of your business since all processes of your activity will be based on such culture.

What is a good BPO Strategy?

A strategy in line with the company’s main concern

What does a business do? Provide goods and services.

Now, what does a successful business do? Create value. Clients are not looking for a service or a product as is, but for one that will provide the added value they are seeking.

This is why a business main concern has to be turning expectations into concrete outcomes.

Defining your real mission as being the provision of positive outcomes to your counterparties, will immediately allow you to take all subsequent decisions in a right way.

A strategy based on ethics

Ethics in business means ensuring deliveries in line with the agreed terms. Customers’ expectations are a top priority and therefore processes in relation with the services they receive should be defined accordingly every step of the way. From prospecting to the delivery of a final outcome, ethics based on equity will be the engine of your business relationship.

A strategy of balance

In light of the efforts and hard work that you invest in your business, you have to aim for an optimal return on investment.

A good balance is having efforts, energy, time and money rewarded by benefits and wellness. An optimized balanced means knowing exactly which amount of efforts, energy, time and money to invest and which benefits (in quantity) and type of wellness to expect (in quality).

What should be the main concerns of your BPO Strategy?

Your clients’ experience

As we said, your clients are crucial.

The success of your activity will be the direct reflection of the relationship you have with them. They are at the center of every project you manage. Your decision-making will be directed by it, in light of the anticipation of your clients’ behavior. Aligning your internal policies and processes with this guideline is a first step.

Afterwards, you need constant controlling. How are your clients doing? Make sure to show genuine passion and concern for the services you give towards your clients. This will enable you to create a strong, human relationship with them, and multiply your added value.

As part of your marketing strategy, it is essential to collect data that reflect your clients’ opinion. Use emailing campaigns and offer opinion polls. Your business is a dynamic structure and needs to constantly evolve in light of clients’ feedbacks to reach better performance.

Your team’s effectiveness and motivation

Being able to serve your clients’ every need is not going to happen alone. Ideas and technologies are not much if they are not supported by a strong, motivated and efficient team.

It is your responsibility to build a team that fits your needs and to ensure its consistency.

So first things first: Build a team the right way

Define your needs with logic.

Surprisingly enough, recruitment is still perceived as a quest for candidates with skills, qualifications, wide experience, strong personality, team spirit and dedication. This perfect picture is close to utopia when it comes to recruiting a whole team and to build a business. Instead, start defining your needs with logic. Combine all your players’ skills to reach the dynamic that your business needs. Join forces instead and build a balanced team, where employees can learn from one another, and enhance the full picture.

Understand your team’s motivations

Be aware of each one’s needs in order to be working at the best of his or her abilities. A business worst enemy is a place where turnover is constant, and this is always a sign of poor management. Bet on the long run and never take your employees’ motivations for granted. To do so, you will need to have a wide vision of a worker perception:

  • Be human. No, you should not expect from your employee to dedicate body and soul to their work. This just does not work anymore, and there are good reasons for that. An employee has other issues to dedicate himself to, and you have to be fine with that. Showing empathy to your employees’ needs for flexibility every now and then will be highly rewarded. This can offer you the guaranty of having an employee highly motivated to dedicate the best of his or her abilities.
  • Trust them. A job is an opportunity for a worker to show his know-how and to constantly improve. To be able to do so, you will have to trust them and empower them with responsibilities, including in the decision making process.
  • Make them trust each other. Competition between employees is extremely unhealthy. In the very best scenario, it will reveal the skills of the one that survived the game. But the price to pay for it will be the trust they grant to each other, and the work environment is a key to the quality of the work they provide.    
  • Keep them stimulated. To grow, you need your team to grow with you. Capitalize on your future by giving access to constant training. Not only this will ensure your competitiveness, but it will also keep your employees stimulating and the outlook for progress is crucial to keep a team running.

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