Elisabeth Nattiv


Growing up in France, I will always cherish the people that made my desire for knowledge so strong. Curiosity motivated me and people always fascinated me.

Today I am a business consultant. In practice, I do much more than just consult, I am a process leader. The satisfaction of taking a young business owner who wants to break into the field or the well-experienced CEO who needs to adapt to new methods and technologies is what drives me.

The combination of interdisciplinary knowledge I gained over the years is my biggest asset.

During my undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Management, I gained the spatial vision of how the world really works. I learned Economic theories that helped me connect the financial world with our society and to turn social models into Economic ones in order to gain insights at a macro level.

I studied for another bachelor’s degree, this time in Law. I was privileged to add to my box of skills the whole world of Law, Regulations, and Ethics.

I thought by that point I had it all covered, but with the food comes the appetite and I studied for my M.A’s in Applied Economics, Business Law and then, Banking & Finance Law.

During my studies, it was important for me to gain practical experience with seasoned individuals. I was privileged to be trained by some of the greatest lawyers in Paris, from whom I learned much from during my certification as a certified Lawyer.

I decided – I am relocating to Israel. I left the family behind, packed a small bag, and boarded a flight to the Holy Land. Shortly after my arrival, I completed another Master’s degree at Tel Aviv University, this time in Diplomacy and Security. Indeed, since I was living in Israel, I had to gain knowledge on my surroundings. I was privileged to understand the complexities of the area, to attain knowledge I did not know before, and to refine important strategic tools for problem-solving.

My know-how in organizational settings and interpersonal communication is the ideal partner for all businesses who wish to strengthen its foundations.

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