Virtual Speaking: the new challenge of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is not a gift one has: it is a discipline that requires training and a lot of practice. It all starts with the fear of public speaking. Contrary to common belief, this fear is not the exclusivity of certain people: everyone has it, on different ways and at different levels. Its origin findsContinue reading “Virtual Speaking: the new challenge of Public Speaking”

It’s time to review our relationship to time

It is common to confuse the notions of efficiency and time. The available time we have or do not have usually dictates our ability to achieve a goal or fulfill a task. And yet, what really defines efficiency is what we do with the available time we have, our ability to focus and produce. “WorkContinue reading “It’s time to review our relationship to time”

Start building your CRM Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) refers to the strategies and technologies used by a business to understand the core of the interactions with a customer or a lead, in order to optimize their relationship. Since a business main concern is to turn clients’ expectations into concrete outcomes, its mission is to provide positive outcomes to counterparties.Continue reading “Start building your CRM Strategy”

Management challenges in times of crisis

Leadership is a constant challenge. In order to define accurate strategies to gain market shares, optimize revenues and foster innovation, leadership requires a 360 degree view of the customer and a full knowledge of what is happening on the front line – with suppliers, strategic partners, competitors and your team members. COVID-19 marked a newContinue reading “Management challenges in times of crisis”

Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z… How do you make it work?

Interpersonal communication means being able to exchange information, ideas and feelings. In a workplace, interpersonal communication is critical, since a smooth flow of information, ideas and feelings is one of the keys of your business’ effectiveness. One of the challenges of interpersonal communication in a workplace is the generational gaps that may certainly exist betweenContinue reading “Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z… How do you make it work?”

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