Business Process Optimization

How to improve the operational performance of your business?

The list of challenges that your business has to face never ends: competitive environment, volatility, uncertainty. You constantly have to adapt in order to maximize your results. However, your managerial responsibilities already require day-to-day production tasks, and optimization means taking into account a multitude of analytical elements that you do not have the time to evaluate.

Together, let’s redeploy your resources to optimize the excellence of your organization. BPO enables to define your performance goals and having a clear gap analysis highlighting the goals that aren’t meeting your expectations; to identify your improvement and innovation projects; to give you the tools to stay in control of your projects and budget. Having a strategy enabling to increase you effectiveness through the optimization of their internal processes is the key to reach commercial goals.

My Mission

  • Defining your operational performance objectives. Even before starting the audit phase, we define together your operational performance goals.
  • Starting the audit. The audit phase does not involve a long and complicated process, but constitutes an efficient diagnosis in order to examine your business in light of four main axes: structure, process, skills and tools. The analysis of the behavior of these axes – together and separately – is the key to identify the causes of deviations from your objectives.
  • Defining measures to be taken and preparing the implementation. For each group of causes identified, pragmatic measures that will lead to improve your operational performance are submitted to your approval. For those that you validate, I establish a concrete master plan that includes management actions to promote commitment from your teams.
  • Making your management model consistent with your objectives. Each management model is unique. Yet, it is crucial to make the best of your model uniqueness in order to ensure that it brings all your teams together around a common vision.

These situations sound familiar?

❝ The organization and my teams is disturbed by the departure of certain employees. ❞
❝ The profitability indicators for my production activities are not satisfactory. ❞
❝ Clients are not coming back – what went wrong? . ❞
❝ The expectations of my clients are not becoming concrete outcomes. ❞
❝ I spend too much time dealing with internal dysfunction issues. ❞
❝ Information is getting lost, my team members do not understand each other. ❞

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