Management Optimization

Your employees are your best value. As a business, your goal is to make the most of it. Build bridges within your teams and learn how to pull out the best of everyone so that working together becomes your stronger assets.

To do so, a manager must master soft skills a have the ability to generate motivation among his collaborators and employees to facilitate adherence to change. Being able to promote the development of their emotional intelligence and ensure inter-personnal communication, is crucial to support transformations towards a new vision of the company, its culture and its skills.

A manager must be the pivot between the goals of the company and the expectations of the employees .

My Mission

  • Making your managers the coherent figures of changes. Change is not an easy thing to bring into your business. It can sometimes be very difficult for your employees, used to work in a certain way, to understand what should things happen differently. And the lack of cooperation from your employees is the number one reason of any project’s failure. This is why a business strategy needs to be clearly shared with your employees. I assist you in understanding your employees potential resistance and defining a support strategy, individual and collective. Bringing together the employees affected by changes and their managers enables to create a common vision, which is a must to implement a new culture.
  • Developing the leadership skills of your managers. Each manager has his own leadership style, and it is my role to make him or her aware of it, to anchor interpersonal skills and emotional skills in order to consolidate the cohesion and consistency of the managerial chain, in the actions and culture transmitted to the teams.
  • Helping “change” make sense. I work with you to define the most appropriate tools for your managers, in order to make sure that the goals of your company meet your employees’ expectations.

These situations sound familiar?

❝ The turnover rate in my company is still getting higher and higher. ❞
❝ Information are loosing themselves on the way… There is more and more misunderstandings between teams and their managers. ❞
❝ My employees keep making the same mistakes, everyone feels frustrated, the feedback culture is not strong enough and they now feel disengaged. ❞
❝ Our business keeps expanding, everyone’s role is keep changing and nobody keeps track anymore. ❞
❝ How do I make multigenerational team-work work? ❞
❝ How should I build a team of people whose qualities complete each others, and yet can ensure a coherent team-work? ❞

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