Project Management

You have indisputable expertise in your business and a clear vision of your activities and the transformations you seek, but what is missing you, is time. Managing specific projects requires interdisciplinary knowledge, specific tools and a lot of time and investment that cannot fit with your day-to-day operational operations.

I am helping you manage your project, by offering a solid approach based on organization, specific tools and know-how that includes every team members and ensures better communication.

My Mission

  • Defining a solid frame to your project. Your project needs a frame drawn up by your objectives and expected results, deadlines, allocated budget, potential risks and you teams’ training.
  • Ensuring that your projects are carried out in accordance with the defined frame. The art of framing the frame! Together, we defined the tools to be used to monitor performance of the planned tasks, the respect of the deadlines and of the defined budgets. We will implement processes to ensure transparent communication within your teams, to ensure information transfers and maximize motivation of your teams.
  • Preparing you to deal with any change of the project’s scope, costs or timeline. Things happen, leading to the need of taking decisions that could not have been anticipated. This is why it is crucial to define upstream the bodies having competence to assess each one of them. We structure the decision-making bodies of your projects to help you take the right decisions, in the right order.

These situations sound familiar?

❝ I no longer have time to manage my team and the quality of my work is impacted, I need resources to manage my projects. ❞
❝ This project is on hold for months, deadlines are constantly being postponed. ❞
❝ My team is made of experts, I need a manager. ❞
❝ I don’t want to hire an internal project manager, my need is not constant. ❞
❝ Which tools should I use to evaluate my projects? ❞

Do not hesitate, contact me.

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