Strategy Consulting

The worst enemy of any organization is the lack of vision. Without it, it is almost impossible to achieve performance. The direction that you wish to give to your structure, whether it is related to its growth, its developments or the balance you wish to have on its activities must be defined with certainty. It is crucial to define and plans in light of a certain timeline.

Whether it is becoming a market leader, develop the offer of new services or consolidate your customer base, let’s turn your intentions into results.

My Mission

  • Helping you formulate strategic goals based on the improvements you aim for your business and your current issues.
  • Defining which direction is a better fit for your needs, by taking into account your very own characteristics and analyzing the organization of your company (structure, skills, processes, tools), to identify the levers for improvement and the constraints of your environment to organize the implementation of your ambitions.
  • Building a tailor-made road-map – synthetic, impactful, coherent and clear. It maximizes the likelihood of not only achieving set goals – it is effectiveness – but also of achieving them at a lower cost – it is efficiency.
  • Giving you the tools to manage the implementation of your strategy. Your defined strategy does not make sense if you do not consider the implementation part. The later need a great implication of your teams in order to make change happen. This phase inclused workshops and collective processes to involve all the employees involved in your established strategy.

These situations sound familiar?

❝ I have a vision but it is not clearly articulated ❞
❝ The market is changing, my business needs to adapt ❞
❝ My company just raised funds, what do we do now? ❞
❝ I know what my strategy is, but how do I start to make it happen? ❞
❝ I am starting a business, I need help building a business plan.❞
❝ I just arrived as a C-level in a company I did not found, how do we make it work? ❞
❝ Every thing is changing in a not expected way, how can we adapt? ❞

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